Commercial Insurance

Commercial Insurance Specialized Short Term Insurance Products. 

MNH Management will provide you with a short term insurance policy that will cover against personal loss, commercial and business damage and much, much more.  Our insurance brokers will determine your short-term premium based on your risk profile which constitutes your age, gender, address details, insurance claims history as well as the item value and security measures currently in place. The basic foundation for Business/Commercial Insurance is determined by the existing MultiMark 3 policy wording  with certain variations applied by some Insurance Companies. 

The most general risks to be addressed when considering insurance of a business are as follows: 

1. Fire and allied perils.
2. Office contents.
3. Buildings combined.
4. Accounts receivable.

5. Theft.
6. Money.
7. Glass.
8. Business interruption.

9. Fidelity guarantee.
10. Accidental damage.
11. Public liability.
12. Employers liability.

13. Group personal accident.
14. Stated benefits.
15. Goods in transit
16. Motor.
17. Electronic/computer equipment. 

In addition to the above various other types of cover should also be attended to such as: 

1.  Machinery breakdown.
2.  Deterioration of stock.
3.  Products liability.
4.  Defective workmanship.
5…. etc.

Please note that the risks indicated above do not necessarily enhance all types of exposure to your business. We therefore request all clients to please advise us of the exact nature and circumstances of the business to be insured in order assist you with fit and proper short term insurance advice.