Motor Claims:  

  •     Motor Accident 
  •     Motor Theft 
  •     High Jacking 
  •     Windscreen Claim 
  •     Motorbike Accident 

House Owner and House Item Claims: 

  •     Break-in 
  •     Natural Disasters (i.e. Floods) 
  •     Geyser Bursts 
  •     House Fires 
  •     Lightning Damages 

All Risk Claims: 

All specified items that has been stolen or damaged

Steps of a Claim: 

  1. Client reports Claim to MNH. 
  2. Claim Forms will be sent through to the client, this will also include an instruction page explaining all the necessary steps and procedures. 
  3. The Client needs to maintain all the necessary documents and sent them through to MNH. 
  4. Claims are sent through to the necessary departments. 
  5. Assessor will be appointed.
  6. Assessor’s report is sent back to MNH where after the necessary documents are drawn up in order to approve the Claim. 
  7. Client will be notified of the final decision.