Short Term Notice and Terms

Important Short-term Insurance Reminders, and Claims Procedures
MNH Management Strive to provide our customers with all the relevant short term insurance procedures and information. 

Important short-term insurance reminders, and claims procedures are elaborated below:
Important Reminders

1. Average:

The condition of average applies to virtually all short term insurance policies. With minor exceptions this implies that you have to insure for replacement value. The sum insured, thus, should represent the value of the risk insured at the time of loss. If you are not adequately insured your claim will be proportionally adjusted/reduced.   

2. Premium Payment:

Please ensure that you have sufficient funds in your in your bank account to meet your debit order timeously. The principle of no premium, no cover, applies and should your short term insurance premium be returned it might result in the repudiation of an insurance claim. Please also remember to inform us well in advance of any change of banking detail.         

3. Non-disclosure/Misrepresentation:

You are obliged to disclose any and all information pertaining to the business you wish to insure, it’s operational activities and environmental circumstances, and or any risk that might affect the perception of your prospective insurer. This includes change of physical address, change in insured values, acquisition of new assets/items to be insured, any hazardous aspects that might exist or arise in future, interest of ownership, incidents that might give rise to any form of liability exposure etc. Failure to disclose relevant information could lead to the repudiation of an insurance claim.          

4. Due Care:

All insurance policies require you to take reasonable precaution to prevent accidents or losses and the extent thereof. Risk control is an integral part of any business and insurance only provides a partial solution to the risks you are exposed to. Insurance does not super cede the law and you are thus required to comply with all legal aspects that might apply to your specific type of business/operation i.e. S.A.N.S. Code of Practice, Public Driving Permits, Certificates of Fitness, Lightning and Surge protection etc.           

5. Value Added Tax:

Your insurance premium is inclusive of V.A.T. and you are reminded to accordingly make provision for the inclusion of V.A.T. 
in insured values.          

6. Liabilities/Claims:

You are not allowed to admit any form of liability on behalf of your insurer in case of an insurance claim. We request that you please inform us immediately of any claim or any incident that might lead to a claim in order to attend to the case with due diligence. Remember to also advise us of any contractual liability that might result in an increase of your common law liability. Your limit of liability cover should always be calculated in such a way that it makes provision for possible future court awards.

7. Claims Procedure:

Refer to the One Call Assist link for a detailed procedure.           

8. Requirements and Conditions:

All insurance contracts are subject to requirements and conditions set by the specific insurance company. Ensure that you are well acquainted with the contents of your short term insurance policy document and please comply with what is required in order to officiate insurance cover.           

9. Renewal of Insurance Cover:

The majority of short term insurance policies are issued on an annual basis, but paid by means of monthly premiums. We recommend that you revise your insurance cover – on a regular basis as and when required, but at least on or before your policy anniversary date. It is imperative that you attend to and adjust insured values, inflation does exist, but so does depreciation. Underinsurance will result in the application of average in the case of a claim, but overinsurance leads to payment of unnecessary high premiums. 

10. S.A.S.R.I.A Cover:

South African Special Risks Insurance Association. This form of insurance cover is generally excluded from most insurance policies. We, however, recommend that you consider including it as it makes provision for loss of or damage to property (claims) following politically induced actions, riot, strike, public disorder etc. One of our consultants would gladly assist you with more detailed information in this regard.